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#MsTech LUV

“The consistently high caliber of female executives I’m connected to via Ms. Tech is unlike anything I’ve experienced, even in my past life in Silicon Valley. If I raise my hand for help or advice, I’m certain to receive a dozen quality responses. I recently added a new partner to my business–I met her via Ms. Tech. I’m convinced there is no resource I can’t find inside this group. All I have to do is ask.”

Deb Arora

“The community and resources available in MsTech are like none other. I know I can always turn to any of these wonderful, ambitious and extremely knowledgable women on any questions that I have about my social media startup business. I highly recommend being a part of this amazing group, as these women inspire, challenge and teach me new things every day.”

Elly Deutch

“Ms. Tech provides a great support system for women to learn from each other and network while also encouraging healthy lifestyles with their wellness events.”

Suzanne Ko


  • Karin Meyer

    Monday Makers: Karin Meyer

    Karin Meyer Indiforce Tell us about you and your business! I’m a former technology executive with a passion for supporting women in the workplace through awareness, policy changes and alternative work models. I co-founded Indiforce to create a marketplace that connects a professional, independent workforce with high-caliber projects at a competitive price. We focus on […]

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  • Kim LaPaglia

    Monday Makers: Kim LaPaglia

    Kim LaPaglia Sant Tell us about you and your business! Sant creates experiences that promote balance in minds, bodies, communities and the environment. The first experience is a dried superfruit that infuses into a fresh beverage. Sant’s superfruit has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to bring balance to the mind and body; […]

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  • Hannah Reynolds

    Monday Makers: Hannah Reynolds

    Hannah Reynolds Pommel Lane Tell us about you and your business! Pommel Lane is a hand-lettering and illustration design studio that works with small businesses, brands and individuals to create a variety of artwork for digital and print media. Offering traditional graphic design elements with a unique style of hand-lettering to create one-of-a-kind artwork for paper […]

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  • Annie Warshaw

    Monday Makers: Annie Warshaw

    Annie Warshaw Smarty Pants Yoga Inc. Tell us about you and your business! Smarty Pants Yoga equips girls to discover who they are, what they believe, and how to advocate for themselves. As CEO of SPY, I have the honor of leading a team of 22 phenomenal women who empower elementary-age girls. Smarty Pants Yoga […]

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  • Tara Dalrymple

    Monday Makers: Tara Dalrymple

    Tara Dalrymple FeelsRight Tell us about you and your business! I was nominated an ambassador for female entrepreneurship on Ulster Bank “Business Women Can” initiative 2012. In 2010 I was a panelist for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Small Business Can /Ulster Bank Business SME Road Show.  Since moving to Ireland I have become an […]

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  • Megan Koranda

    Monday Makers: Megan Koranda

    Megan Koranda Busywrist Tell us about you and your business! busywrist is an online bracelet boutique offering a wide variety of pieces consisting of different styles, materials, and price points. The idea behind the busywrist brand is to express your unique style by mixing + matching + stacking bracelets (and not breaking the bank while […]

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