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  • context-media-shradha-agarwal

    Her Team is Committed to Creating 600 Chicago Jobs

    ContextMedia, a health media and information provider employs 200 people in Chicago and committed to adding 600 jobs by the end of 2016! Shradha and her co-founder, CEO Rishi Shah announced at a news conference today. Go Ms. Shradha Agarwal & Team Context Media! Read more about it on the Chicago Blue Sky here! If you are […]

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  • Annie Warshaw

    Monday Makers: Annie Warshaw

    Annie Warshaw Smarty Pants Yoga Inc. Tell us about you and your business! Smarty Pants Yoga equips girls to discover who they are, what they believe, and how to advocate for themselves. As CEO of SPY, I have the honor of leading a team of 22 phenomenal women who empower elementary-age girls. Smarty Pants Yoga […]

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  • Female code-breakers

    Ballistic Computations: Female Code-Breakers of WWII

    Computing at Bletchley Yes! British women worked tirelessly to break the Japanese code during World War II, making ballistic computations. Women also made up majority of the 10,000 people who worked at the secret code-breaking operation at Bletchley Park.  Watch this video to learn about these historical heroes – incredible women who had incredible science, math and tech […]

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  • Tara Dalrymple

    Monday Makers: Tara Dalrymple

    Tara Dalrymple FeelsRight Tell us about you and your business! I was nominated an ambassador for female entrepreneurship on Ulster Bank “Business Women Can” initiative 2012. In 2010 I was a panelist for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Small Business Can /Ulster Bank Business SME Road Show.  Since moving to Ireland I have become an […]

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  • Megan Koranda

    Monday Makers: Megan Koranda

    Megan Koranda Busywrist Tell us about you and your business! busywrist is an online bracelet boutique offering a wide variety of pieces consisting of different styles, materials, and price points. The idea behind the busywrist brand is to express your unique style by mixing + matching + stacking bracelets (and not breaking the bank while […]

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  • twitter jail - cat behind bars

    What To Do When You’ve Hit Twitter’s Follow Limit

    “You are unable to follow more people at this time.” Wah-wah. If you’ve received that message from Twitter when you tried to follow someone, you probably reached your Twitter follow limit.   In an effort to fight spamming, Twitter has imposed a system wide account follow limit of 2,000 and a daily follow limit of […]

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#MsTech LUV

“I’m honored to be part of Ms. Tech! Nicole and Lisa have created a community of thought leaders in the tech space. Ms. Tech events allow us an opportunityto share ideas and innovative solutions.”

Linda Dao

“Ms. Tech provides a great support system for women to learn from each other and network while also encouraging healthy lifestyles with their wellness events.”

Suzanne Ko

“The community and resources available in MsTech are like none other. I know I can always turn to any of these wonderful, ambitious and extremely knowledgable women on any questions that I have about my social media startup business. I highly recommend being a part of this amazing group, as these women inspire, challenge and teach me new things every day.”

Elly Deutch