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  • Goal Setting

    Goal-setting… for people who hate setting goals

    I’ve never much liked writing goals. It’s not that I’m lazy, or have nothing to strive for, but goal-setting has always been akin to coming up with a “here are ten ways you could fail” list rather than anything inspiring or motivational. For perfectionists and others who find fear of failure—and a way to quantify […]

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  • magic unicorns

    Creating Our 2020 Vision

    It was time to get visual! On October 23rd we mapped out our thoughts we wish to be our realities creating First-Class Vision Boards.  Feeling out our visions vs. typical approach to planning and manifesting goals made a big difference that evening. Huge shout-out and note of appreciation goes to the expert direction from Shawna Burkhart, […]

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  • Kat Lahr

    Monday Makers: Kat Lahr

    Kat Lahr Thought Collection Publishing Tell us about you and your business! I am a Researcher, Publisher, Supporter of Social Change, Art Advocate, and Avid Thinker about Life. When I was 15 I started to write for pleasure. I decided recently in my adult years to make it more of a priority. I didn’t want […]

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#MsTech LUV

“Becoming part of Ms. Tech, provided me with a wonderful group of strong and powerful women in business and technology and a variety of events and resources which helped me with my job. The vast knowledge of the Ms. Tech community on the startup and technology industry in Chicago helped me to prosper in my job and meet many new friends. I have highly recommended to my friends to join the Ms. Tech group.”

Elise Fox

“The consistently high caliber of female executives I’m connected to via Ms. Tech is unlike anything I’ve experienced, even in my past life in Silicon Valley. If I raise my hand for help or advice, I’m certain to receive a dozen quality responses. I recently added a new partner to my business–I met her via Ms. Tech. I’m convinced there is no resource I can’t find inside this group. All I have to do is ask.”

Deb Arora

“I’m honored to be part of Ms. Tech! Nicole and Lisa have created a community of thought leaders in the tech space. Ms. Tech events allow us an opportunityto share ideas and innovative solutions.”

Linda Dao

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