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    Afreen Rahman: A Global Force for Good

    Afreen Rahman is a 19-year old programmer and computer science student, in India. In her spare time, she is a global force for good. We met at a Ms. Tech Mastermind lunch while she was a student abroad in Chicago, this summer.  When she introduced herself, Afreen asked to share her story and take a picture of us (right) […]

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  • Niketa Jhaveri

    Monday Makers: Niketa Jhaveri

    Niketa Jhaveri Brave Champs Tell us about you and your business! In today’s world, kids know what Batman or Spiderman can do. But do they know that the real life heroes like firefighters are the real champions? Brave Champs is a very unique educational board game for kids aged 4+. I started Brave Champs in […]

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FIRST CLASS MS.TECH MEMBER who specializes in Interactive Mobile and Experience Design


The authentic community that exists within this group is rather unique. Women genuinely helping each other RISE in their respective tech businesses or in tech knowledge is refreshing. This group is ageless in the sense that it seems to support all generations with a “Come and see! How can we help you? How can we help you make your mark in the marketplace? How can we break boundaries for the next generation of women?” There are a lot of amazing, talented, smart and focused women in this group helping other women. Most important, Nicole, with all the other behind the scenes people, effortlessly hustle to make this group useful to all who choose to join. It’s their passion, leadership, and commitment that makes me want to support it all the more… and see it thrive. This group is clearly a labor of love by its founders.


“I’ve met some amazing women through my association with Ms.Tech. These are accomplished, focused women who care deeply about their community.”

Molly Cantrell-Kraig

 Nice to have such talented women in one room! 

Anjoo Rai-Marchant

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