Together we help business women do tech and tech women do business.

Our Vision

visionMs.Tech is a social impact focused, membership organization with a learning community that provides women in technology ventures and innovative companies the inspiration, knowledge and connections to reach their full potential. Collectively we are a community and forum for early, mid-career and executive-level individuals who are committed to developing themselves as leaders through education, mentorship, networking and knowledge-sharing.

To remove unjust obstacles for technology innovators.

Core Values 

We believe in responsible use of our resources, accountability, integrity and excellence.
From purpose comes courage. Stand for what’s right and what you believe, even if you’re standing alone… Think and act intentionally.
Through collaborative efforts and working as a cohesive community, we are recognizing we must be responsible with the use of our resources, and to be accountable, working with other organizations for the greater well being of women.
We champion a woman’s right to choose her relationships, her goals, her dreams, and what she wants to do with her mind, body and spirit.
We respect the voices of members, our brain-trust, and our communities. We actively engaged in data and research, and rapidly apply key findings into our work.
We believe quality relationships mean quality results therefore we expect our team and our members to invest time in each other, and to hire and patron one another.
Member of the INBIA  inbia-member-international-business-innovation-association