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Our topics range from startup inspiration to digital marketing tips to legal to product strategy, all geared toward female entrepreneurs, technologists, and freelancers who are starting or expanding their businesses. Look here for ideas but also feel free to propose your own.

  • Startup Motivation & Inspiration
  • Productivity – Strategies, Tip, Tools
  • Marketing – Social Media, Web Development, Email Marketing, SEO, Design, PR
  • Operations – Entity Formation, Legal, Finance
  • Best of – Applications, Resources, Services
  • Opinion – Feminism, Tech Communities, Industry Trends


We love posts that are fun, friendly, and punchy without being too cutesy or over-the-top. We like to avoid any overly “girlfriendy” speak (darling, sugar, etc), as well as anti-men rhetoric.


We reserve the right to edit any piece submitted to Ms. Tech. We’ll notify you of any changes before publishing. Most of these adjustments are formatting, visual or SEO related.


We will provide occasional basic tutorials, but generally posts should be geared toward savvy readers. We love pieces that are actionable and not super obvious.


Every contributor should plan to share any of their posts on social media, link to the post from their website or blog, and participate in the comments section after the post is up.


High resolution photos that you own. Otherwise, we have a source for stock images and will suggest choosing a few and we will purchase our top choice.


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