Access top Chicago gyms with Gymphoria

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As a fitness enthusiast and recent entrepreneur, I saw a problem. There’s so many cool ways to work out that I love: CrossFit, yoga, boxing, spinning. You can try to find a big box gym but the experience won’t compare to what smaller specialty studios offer. Paying for a drop-in visit at each is exorbitant, but what if you could split your monthly membership between 2 or more places?

When I created Gymphoria that was the concept I wanted to bring to the table. One membership for access to a network of gyms and studios throughout Chicago (for now). Our members can sign up for classes offered or just show up to our studios. More studios are joining Gymphoria every week to continue helping members spice things up.


My co-founder and I originally came up with this idea in summer 2013 while occupied with our existing jobs in the trading industry. The timing couldn’t have been better since I was already looking for a next opportunity to focus on, so I left my trading firm and began putting together short pitch presentations to show to Chicago gyms. With my background in programming, we didn’t have to invest anything at all during the initial process of building our technology.

The first couple of months were still the toughest. Every gym we approached would ask how many members we have, how many other gyms were on board. The answer was none – we were just getting started. But after our first few early adopter gyms signed on with us, the rest started to join in as well.


Being new entrepreneurs, we have a lot to learn throughout growing Gymphoria. For example, we would have never guessed that bringing on a designer would bring our brand to the next level – in our minds there was nothing wrong with our current website. We now stand to be much corrected. Our next big focus is to continue to solidify our core base of Gymphoria members and spread the word about what we’ve built.

The most important thing, as an entrepreneur, in our minds is to choose an idea that you can truly be passionate about. This is the key to getting you through the tough first few months or years.

If you’re passionate about fitness, like we are, check out and mention ‘mstech’ when answering how you heard about us. We’ll give you 15 points that you can use for 2-3 workouts anywhere in our network. We’ll see you at the gym!

Gymphoria recently sponsored our Re:align boot camp, helping those who participated keep their fitness goals for 2014 on track. We appreciate their support and encourage you to check them out!