Buffer: One tool. Five ways to manage your social channels.

Are you looking for a social media management tool?  Do you feel like sometimes you post 5 things at one time and then nothing for a day or two?  Do you want me to be more productive when it comes to communicating with your networks?

Buffer can help.  With a free Buffer account, you can connect one profile or page per network. This means you can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ in one shot.  If you sign up for the Awesome account ($10/month), you can add 12 profiles from any of the following: Twitter profile, Facebook profile, Facebook Page, Google+ Page, LinkedIn profile, and LinkedIn Page.

  1. Share content more easily.  Buffer makes it easy to add things to your queue while browsing with its Browser extensions and apps, even on mobile devices.  This way as you are reading articles from your favorite sites and want to share the link with your network, you can just click the Buffer button and add it to the schedule.

  1. Buffer retweets.  Do you find that you sometimes go through your Twitter stream and see 10 posts that you want to retweet?  Well instead of retweeting them then and there, you can add them to your Buffer so they can go out at different times throughout the day or week, based on your schedule.  This way your followers won’t be overwhelmed with a lot of updates from you at once.

  1. Send tweets at optimal times.  Buffer integrates with a lot of services, including services like Followerwonk, that analyze your Twitter statistics and let you know the best times to post to your audience.  You can then import those times into Buffer and then voila!  You’ll get the most bang for your buck with your followers.

  1. Custom Scheduling.  When Buffer first came onto the scene, their selling point was that you could “buffer” your updates in order to have a consistent schedule across all of your platforms without really worrying about what times they were sent out.  Recently, they have added the ability to custom schedule your posts. This way you can set specific dates and times for time sensitive posts.

  1. Integrations Galore.  Buffer integrates with a lot of services including Feedly and Pocket.  So if you use Feedly to keep up with RSS feeds from multiple sites, as you are reading that article, you can send it to Buffer in one click.  You can do a similar one-click share in Pocket while you are reading those articles that you saved for later.

For more information and to sign up for a free account, head on over to bufferapp.com.

What are some other tips and tricks you use to stay on top of your social media activity?

Photo Credit: Madalina Balaban via Compfight cc