InclusionNYC: A Discussion on Diversity and Inclusion Tech


Nearly a dozen different local NYC community groups gathered to host “Inclusion NYC.” An event for students and tech professionals of all ages, ethnicities, genders and races for small group discussions, centered on diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.  Inclusion NYC is a unique event intentionally designed not to … Read More

Goal-setting… for people who hate setting goals

I’ve never much liked writing goals. It’s not that I’m lazy, or have nothing to strive for, but goal-setting has always been akin to coming up with a “here are ten ways you could fail” list rather than anything inspiring or motivational. For perfectionists and others who find fear of … Read More

Afreen Rahman: A Global Force for Good

Afreen Rahman is a 19-year old programmer and computer science student, in India. In her spare time, she is a global force for good. We met at a Ms. Tech Mastermind lunch while she was a student abroad in Chicago, this summer.  When she introduced herself, Afreen asked to share her story and take … Read More

The Art of Doing

It’s happening again. It’s almost noon and I feel like I have nothing done. People love to offer advice. They love to share their ideas and we love to hear them, which is why we subscribe to podcasts, newsletters, trade journals, and seek mentors. While I advocate for all of those … Read More

Spring Fever

Spring is the promise renewal, rejuvenation and rebirth to the Earth. For people, of letting go of all the layers and I’m sure I speak for a lot of us when I say, “We feel renewed and happy to ditch the drab parkas of winter for colorful light clothes and … Read More

The Male Perspective

Last Wednesday we joined a room full of mostly women for an intriguingly themed panel organized by ARA Mentors, “Women in Technology: The Male Perspective.” Megan McCann, President & Founder of McCann Partners and Co-Founder of ARA Mentors, acknowledged that “the conversation about attracting, retaining, and advancing women in technology is … Read More

Access top Chicago gyms with Gymphoria

As a fitness enthusiast and recent entrepreneur, I saw a problem. There’s so many cool ways to work out that I love: CrossFit, yoga, boxing, spinning. You can try to find a big box gym but the experience won’t compare to what smaller specialty studios offer. Paying for a drop-in … Read More