#BeBoldForChange :: Meet our next Mastermind guest, Jessica Zweig


In honor of International Women’s Day 2017, we will share those bold moments and bold actions taken to help improve or develop an aspect of our career or business. Join us for our monthly Mastermind at 1871 where we will be discussing Personal Development and celebrating the global movement to … Read More

How Self-Employment Will Allow You to Take Control

The absence of female representation in top leadership, the lack of mentorship programs, the unequal opportunities for men and women employees, the strict maternity leave policies, and the wage gap serve as enough motivation for female employees to leave their jobs for self-employment. A Measly 4 Percent When looking at … Read More

Sharing our SaaS stacks helps us make smarter tech investments

Sharing our SaaS stacks helps us make smarter tech investments

“Hey #MsTech’rs – What SaaS product do you recommend using to manage projects?” How many times have you seen this in Ms.Tech: Someone is looking to buy a new product or they’ve heard about a product, and they post to ask other members if they use it or have recommendations to … Read More

Illinois Angel Investment Credit for 2016

Heads up for: A. Founder/Startup/s B. Raising an angel/seed round of capital C. HQ/Operating in the state of IL IL Angel Investment Credit dollars for 2016 = $7,976,256.65 Read more about it here Qualifications generally (see site for more info) – At least 51% of employees located in Illinois – … Read More

March Mastermind: Professional Development

My first Ms.Tech Mastermind I walked into my first Ms. Tech Mastermind lunch feeling slightly uncertain – where should I sit?  How would the topic of professional development relate to my own experience as a recent career-changer?  Finally, was it too soon to start eating the cookies? After chatting with … Read More