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Shoot, Edit & Produce Affordable, Appealing Videos

On June 19th, 2014, Ms. Tech will host a workshop on creating a video so you can learn how to shoot, edit and produce an affordable, appealing video that will help you and your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Why You Should Attend

With YouTube being one of the largest video search engines, online videos have become an asset for all businesses, regardless of size.  Videos are great tools for marketing, advertising, training, internal communications and customer engagement.  People enjoy visuals.  Creating a video for your business will allow you to advertise and increase sales with ease.  Online videos are appealing because they offer a personal experience for your audience which will make your business stand out from the rest.

Lisa Lubin

What You Will Learn

You will develop technical skills such as framing, sound, lighting, types of shots/angles, and movement.  You will learn how to develop interview style questions that are easy going and relaxed to make your video more personable.  You are your business.  It is important that you make a good impression on your viewers so you and your business are more approachable. You will also learn how to shoot and what’s important to shoot so your video can be terse and engaging to maintain your viewer’s attention.

Join instructor Lisa Lubin of LLMedia and Ms. Tech on June 19th, 2014 from 6:00-8:00PM.  And tickets are available now if you click here! For VIP access to our workshops, become a First Class member!
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