InclusionNYC: A Discussion on Diversity and Inclusion Tech


Nearly a dozen different local NYC community groups gathered to host “Inclusion NYC.”

An event for students and tech professionals of all ages, ethnicities, genders and races for small group discussions, centered on diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.  Inclusion NYC is a unique event intentionally designed not to be a “standard panel.”  No keynotes, speakers, and stages behind, we focus on groups of students and tech professionals and discuss new ideas to make our the tech industry more inclusive.

Icing on the cake

These discussions are not exclusively lead by adults; STEM students and professionals lead them.  High-school students in the New York City area had the opportunity to discuss with leaders in tech from companies like Google to Microsoft and Goldman Sachs.  We developed ideas to overcome the issues related to increasing diversity in technology, promoting avenues for personal and professional growth, and ways to get more exposure to the fast-pacing field of technology opportunities that abound not only in New York but nationally.

Around 150 people that attended InclusionNYC had one thing in common: the motivation to improve their community by proposing positive changes through greater access to technology and innovation. Participants divided into 11 small groups of 12 people each to discuss a series of questions focused on under-representation and inclusion of minorities in technology companies.  After an hour of discussions, the facilitators presented some conclusions to the attendees.


  • Give youth greater access to be active participants of technology opportunities, not just bystanders.
  • Increase access to sponsors and mentors that could provide guidance and advice for career and personal advancement.
  • We need more awareness and accessibility of underrepresented groups in tech professions at a younger age through after school programs, elective courses and events to bring students in contact with those currently working in their local community tech space.

Solutions Discussed

  • To find community resources, like those present at the event, and reach out.
  • Select different icons for each list item.
  • Talk to an older student or teacher about how they got to their career path.
  • have an awareness of where there are biases so you can begin to take actions to make change happen.

InclusionNYC was able to highlight the need for community organizing.  Together we can create the support necessary to achieve practical and lasting impact.

A big thank you to the great organizations that made this possible:
NYC DAM, Ms. Tech NYC, Code Interactive, ScriptEd, Mouse,, Grand Central Tech, CSNYC, BeVisible, Catapult, WINii, The Social Architects, NYC Latinas, and Codigo Tech.

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