Learning Lab: We Got Goals


Thank you for tuning into our first Learning Lab. You should be off and running towards those internal and external goals.

This was a great way for us to test the format, tools, and interactivity of virtual learning for our members so thank you!

Did you enjoy the experience? What would make it First Class for you?

Tell us everything….

Our goal is to make this a First Class experience that you look forward to, so please share your feedback in our survey HERE.

NEXT STEPS for the Learning Lab were optional:

1) SPRINTING. For your first 10-day Sprint if you want feedback from us. Post your #1 goal for the next 100 days with your top 3 goals for the first 10-day sprint –>post in the First Class Facebook group. Sharing in the group will add some extra accountability for you.

Bonus: Post every 10 days in the group for even more accountability – we’ll cheer you on!

2) +100 ACCOUNTABILITY: We think everyone paired up on their own already but if you still want to be paired up, reply to this email and we will make sure you get a partner.

**Note: Some of you have already teamed up with partners, please replay back and let us know who you partnered with and how it’s going. 


  • Trust the Process, even when you doubt yourself, keep going and stay focused.
  • Be very clear, KISS.
  • Start today, no excuses, don’t wait.
  • A pivot may happen, totally fine, keep going.
  • Don’t add more, keep the focus on your #1 goal ONLY.
  • Ask yourself if the task you outlined is NECESSARY to get to the goal.
  • Per the Freedom Journal framework. Check in with your partner every 25 days. (totally ok if your 25 days fall on different dates)
  • Crazy schedule? Clear the decks: delegate, automate, optimize, and remove.


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