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In today’s world of successful entrepreneurs, one that should be on your radar is Kim Kleeman, where she goes, growth follows.

She’s a force and she’s on fire.  After years of learning about building and scaling businesses, she is sharing it with others by dedicating her raison détre to helping startup founders make an impact. This devotion to entrepreneurs has been recognized as in Inc. 500 after growing her first company 800% and being listed in the Crain’s 40 under 40.

Even the teams she works with are receiving accolades for their growth, the latest of which grew from 0- $80 million and was recently named in 2018 Crain’s Fast Fifty.

Kim is a wife and mom of three who has grown multiple businesses from being the  CEO of Sunbeam Marketing Solutions and Partner in the real estate tech accelerator Elmspring at 1871 to being editor of the Chicagoland Deal Flow Report.

After years of experience in accelerating growth in her own businesses, she now doing the same for others with her latest venture PivotUp! She’s applying her accelerator’s learnings to a new approach that helps professionals and entrepreneurs level up in their career and business.

BONUS: Kim is bringing a one-time-only Learning Lab to share with Ms.Tech (YOU) on July 31st!! We interviewed Kim in the group to learn more about PivotUp! –> Watch Here.


Kim’s Personal Pivot Up!

Often times entrepreneurs find themselves on a journey that is not linear in any way and Kim is no exception, what most people do not know about this successful entrepreneur is that she used to be an English and Psychology teacher.

Before she became an entrepreneur and business coach herself, Kim taught debate and speech for years.

Growing up, Kim had been fortunate enough to pick up a solid business acumen from her family’s businesses so when she decided to pivot away from teaching and into entrepreneurship, she was well equipped.

Kim’s mantra is to “Leap, and the net will appear” so when she realized her skillsets weren’t something that others were learning in business school she decided to pivot yet again into serving the entrepreneurial and small business community.

About PivotUp!

A platform and curriculum in the online market that brings together technology and personal mentoring to help individuals and leadership teams uncover and monetize skill sets, design their bigger picture, and determine if they have what it takes to pivot up to the next level.

What makes Kim’s PivotUp! teachings stand out is her human-centered approach of combining personal coaching with technology to guide individuals to their unique big picture and skills that will help them reach their goals.

If you are the type of person who wants to accomplish greater things in life, then PivotUp! is what you exactly need.

What Clients are Saying About PivotUp!

Kim is a great mentor and coach. She is not judgmental; she is supportive and had great constructive ideas to help you get out of your own way. She is open to hearing your fears and concerns; she just won’t build a campfire and sit there with you, she will challenge you. She will challenge your wall that you have put up and she will challenge the limitations you put on yourself.

The thing about PivotUp! is it gets you back in touch with what you are made of and the skills that you have developed throughout your career.  It gets you to think about your feelings and emotionally- connect with your skills, the good and the bad. Through research and programs, you discover what makes you excited and what doesn’t, this is incredibly powerful information!

I am forever grateful that PivotUp! came into my life when it did and how it has helped me own myself and my abilities to the point where I applied for, and got an interview, for a job I would have never ever thought I was close to capable of nor did I think they would look at my skills and see any kind of match. I was wrong!! Without this program I would not be reaching for the stars I would be clinging to the ground. I highly recommend this program to anyone at any age that is looking to make a change in their life. Take the leap I did, and I can’t believe how far I have come!!


What will you gain in this Learning Lab?

  1. Gut Check: Answer the question that plagues many entrepreneurs, Do I have what it takes?  In this LL, we will discuss the traits it takes to start, build and sustain a start-up. Identify which skills  you need to work on and which ones you might need to work on more.
  2. Boost your Mindset: Take time in this workshop to find the motivation you need to make a splash in the fall. Focus on Abundance vs Scarcity and the Growth vs Fixed Mindset. Ready yourself for change and take home a set of tools to utilize when you’re needing a Confidence Boost.
  3. Level up to the PivotUp!: Focus your time in this workshop on YOUR business goals, whether it’s a fully-formed business or an idea you’ve been noodling over. Use the PivotUp! system to identify Obstacles, Opportunities and ultimately the next steps needed to accelerate your plans, without working harder!  Leave with a solid plan, Shared & Declared and Ready to PivotUp!

Once you’ve completed this Learning Lab:

You walk away with:

  • A set of tools to ignite your business both personally and professionally.
  • An interactive plan to grow your business in the next 90 days.
  • A PivotUp! Badge sent to you upon completion – proving you have gained and demonstrated quality PivotUp! planning and are Ready for Change!
  • Ability to participate in an assessment, if interested, to gain a deeper understanding on the entrepreneurial path and whether it is truly a fit for you!
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