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vip-opportunities-mstechThe conversations and events around women, technology and entrepreneurship is woven into the fabric of the Ms.Tech community.

It is THE reason we receive hundreds of requests and opportunities to share with you.

Whether it’s a call for speakers, an invitation to have you as their special guest, or a special pricing package to try emerging technology, products and services, we dealing these direct to you,

With every opportunity there is an expiration date and as your opportunity broker we believe it is high time to deal these direct to your hand as they come to us.

First Class members will be the FIRST to receive immediate text alerts for: Offers to speak, complementary promotions, free or special pricing to ticketed events, and more! 

magic-matchupsLooking for meaningful connections, mentorship and accountability?

First Class members get access to our Slack channel where our Matchmaker pairs you up bi-weekly with another First Class member.

We create the serendipity and you schedule your magic making sesh! 

rockstar-radiatorThis is where the real talk happens.

We invite Rock Stars from around the world to share their story and invite you to join in on their journey in our private members only group.

You’ll get to hear from the most sought after Rock Stars, men and women, in technology and entrepreneurship.

This is not just another fireside chat, Rock Star Radiators are a place for raw and unfiltered stories to be shared– what isn’t said on stage, the hard stuff, and how they pulled themselves up from the trenches.


Are you looking to better articulate your business for investment or business development opportunities?

Once a month, our team will select four members to join our guest judges- – Ms.Tech Mavens – -for a live Pitch Polish session in our private group.

You’ll have the opportunities to pitch in front of 4000+ Ms.Tech’rs and leave with feedback from our guest Mavens, and the Ms.Tech collective.

First Class Members get priority access to pitch.

learning-labsIf you’re tired of going to workshops  leaving feeling overwhelmed with more to do than you came in with, then Learning Labs are totally for you.

Unlike workshops, we have curated interactive hands-on learning experiences designed to help you execute during the session with one of our vetted Learning Lab Leaders.

First class members get special pricing for Learning Labs and an open invitation to apply to be a Learning Lab Leader.

At this quarterly event for the members of MsTech, First Class Members will get the first class experience. Enjoy priority arrival: a pre-party meet & greet for First Class members only, media rotations (*location dependent) and get your profile featured throughout the event, and a badge to honor you by indicating your First Class membership status.

launch-showcaseHave a new product or service to announce?

Get support from the community – all Ms.Tech members are allowed to announce their launches via a standard text post (with/without link) in the Ms.Tech facebook group.

We are now allowing First Class Members to announce their launch with a pre-recorded video for maximum exposure.

First Class Members can also take advantage of a premium upgrade to be officially launched with a Ms.Tech Launch Party.

Every member of the Ms.Tech community receives a friendly welcome when they join our private group.

First Class Members get a special highlighted feature in the group, email newsletter, and on one of our social media channels.

First Class Members also get to plug their business in this special feature.