How Nora Brathol’s Social Good Belief System Fuels Her 6-Figure Business

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Nora Brathol

Nora Brathol founded Arka Pana Consulting after a string of successful online fundraising and advocacy campaigns for international non-profit organizations. With a focus on using social media for social good, Arka Pana Consulting has grown into a full-service digital marketing agency with clients ranging from politicians and law firms to churches and small businesses.

We all have that peaceful guru type friend, the one who likes to leave the world a better place, pay it forward and believes wholeheartedly that people are intrinsically good people in their soul.

Is your friend’s name Nora too?

Yes, this First Class veteran of 4 years spends lots of time hunting, fishing and cheering on her beloved Packers and Badgers; but she’s also been busy empowering her team to achieve their own excellence all the while building her agency into a 6-figure business. Yaaaaassss!!

Her queen status hasn’t stopped there, she continues to reinvest her wealth of social media, website development, and email marketing knowledge back to partners, clients, and Ms.Tech. A feminist at her core, Nora helps everyone in her circle meet their financial goals – she’s even sponsored multiple Ms.Techr’s to level up their game.

Talk about helping women climb that ladder!

While every client Nora serves has a social good component, it’s not about world peace and rainbows. She attributes her success to a critical focus on data-driven processes for tangible business results.

Perhaps it was her 10+ years spent in a very high-stress non-profit world or perhaps it was the mean gal lady boss that showed her all the ways that she never wanted to lead but if you ask other’s about Nora they will tell you how she just does not drop the ball E-V-E-R.

Nora’s just getting started but has already shared some gems with us about leading and empowering her team…..

Some of Nora’s Rules to Live By:

  1. Play the game (or be more diplomatic). Be good at your job, be easy to work with and be ready to “butter-up” a little bit. If flattery and charm isn’t your thing, it’s ok to fire your boss and show yourself the door to your next life chapter.
  2. Be the boss you want. As a boss, Nora reminds herself to look under the surface. Flattery will get you noticed but most importantly, they better have the skills to back it up.
  3. Be Human. When a staff member is struggling, come from a place of curiosity without judgment. Lead with a caring tone and say something like, “You and I both know this work isn’t your norm, what’s up?”
  4. Communicate expectations. People have lives, check in frequently and talk about overwhelm before burnout enters the room.

The struggle is REAL and many of us can relate to this knowledge bomb right here…

Nora’s largest growth to date has been within herself. After the aforementioned mean boss lady gave Nora the boot, our gurl Nora hit an all-time low. Somewhere in the depression, she realized a true blessing. Her self-worth was being challenged, and it was wrapped up in all the wrong places. She used this time to invest in herself, starting her business and becoming a sponge to soak up all the skills she needed. While she admittedly still questions herself, she has learned to use those moments of doubt as a tool for self-empowerment, not self-destruction.

Since being burned by that boss, Nora’s come full circle. Not only has Nora become a more thoughtful boss, but many of her clients find her after being burned by other social media agencies, where being attentive to their needs and past experiences is paramount. She’s trusted by clients in niche industries like legal, political, and medical to navigate digital restrictions and help them develop an authentic voice.

At Ms.Tech, were all about showing up and teaming up.

Here’s a time when Nora showed up for her client while also teaming up with a Ms.Tech member to deliver results…..

A common problem many companies face are with internal stakeholders who cause analysis paralysis. Nora and a fellow Ms.Tech’r were able to cut through that and map out Ziliak Law’s website in one weekend.

Nora’s Favorite part about being a Ms.Tech member is the authentic engagement, connection, and camaraderie. She believes the facebook group is better than google because people give you the actual solutions to problems you have not been able to solve yourself.


What is your “Why?” and what keeps you motivated?

My why is to help businesses, individuals, and organizations use social media for social good.

What advice would you have given yourself five years ago?

Don’t panic. Pivot.

Where do you see your career/business in the next 5 years?

Doubling in staff and expanding services to include all forms of digital marketing: inbound, SEO, social, paid advertising, website development, email acquisition, e-blast development, digital branding.

What are you looking to accomplish in the next few months and how can we help you get there?
Looking to sign 5+ new social media marketing clients by August 1, 2018. You can help by sending referrals!

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