Let's work together!

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to connect with the community - we are engaged face-to-face and virtually. Working for a cohesiveness in community, we are building strategic alliances, developing collectives and affiliations with corporate and affinity partners. These partnerships will help support and propel the growth as well as the prosperity of all women.

We serve as the most effective and direct access to a community of successful technologists, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

We offer you the ability to build a meaningful and mutually beneficial partnership that helps to strengthen the wealth-creating capacity of our members and promote economic development.


EXPERIENCE: We consider sponsors our partners as it's more than a transaction to us. Sponsoring one or more program or event.

AFFINITY: Advocates for our cause and we are advocates for theirs. Strategic alliances with a purpose and cause for good!

CHAMPION: Sponsoring one or more First Class memberships. This can be for your employees, outside company or individual.

GROWTH: Offer your product, service, event or experience at a special First Class rate to our exclusive group of First Class members.


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