Meet Kim Kleeman: Leading Next Level Growth


First Class Member Spotlight In today’s world of successful entrepreneurs, one that should be on your radar is Kim Kleeman, where she goes, growth follows. She’s a force and she’s on fire.  After years of learning about building and scaling businesses, she is sharing it with others by dedicating her … Read More

From Personal Failure to Fortune 1000: Erin Hallett


Meet Erin Hallett, the North American Channels Sales Manager for Anritsu. Her Superpower: She thinks outside the box using her deep technical knowledge to solve critical problems with technology solutions for her customers.   In honor of National Unicorn Day, we have been scouting for unicorns in the Ms.Tech First … Read More

How Nora Brathol’s Social Good Belief System Fuels Her 6-Figure Business


FCM Member Spotlight Nora Brathol Nora Brathol founded Arka Pana Consulting after a string of successful online fundraising and advocacy campaigns for international non-profit organizations. With a focus on using social media for social good, Arka Pana Consulting has grown into a full-service digital marketing agency with clients ranging from … Read More