Monday Makers: Breanna Anderson

Breanna Anderson Mirrim 3D Tell us about you and your business! I’m a 30 year veteran software engineer and entrepreneur. I’ve specialized in database development systems and content publishing and management systems. I was the designer of one of the first heavy-weight Web CMS systems for MSNBC interactive in 1995. … Read More

Monday Makers: Kim LaPaglia

Kim LaPaglia Sant Tell us about you and your business! Sant creates experiences that promote balance in minds, bodies, communities and the environment. The first experience is a dried superfruit that infuses into a fresh beverage. Sant’s superfruit has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to bring balance … Read More

Monday Makers: Hannah Reynolds

Hannah Reynolds Pommel Lane Tell us about you and your business! Pommel Lane is a hand-lettering and illustration design studio that works with small businesses, brands and individuals to create a variety of artwork for digital and print media. Offering traditional graphic design elements with a unique style of hand-lettering to … Read More

Monday Makers: Annie Warshaw

Annie Warshaw Smarty Pants Yoga Inc. Tell us about you and your business! Smarty Pants Yoga equips girls to discover who they are, what they believe, and how to advocate for themselves. As CEO of SPY, I have the honor of leading a team of 22 phenomenal women who empower … Read More

Monday Makers: Tara Dalrymple

Tara Dalrymple FeelsRight Tell us about you and your business! I was nominated an ambassador for female entrepreneurship on Ulster Bank “Business Women Can” initiative 2012. In 2010 I was a panelist for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Small Business Can /Ulster Bank Business SME Road Show.  Since moving to … Read More

Monday Makers: Megan Koranda

Megan Koranda Busywrist Tell us about you and your business! busywrist is an online bracelet boutique offering a wide variety of pieces consisting of different styles, materials, and price points. The idea behind the busywrist brand is to express your unique style by mixing + matching + stacking bracelets (and … Read More

Monday Makers: Sheryl Silbaugh

Sheryl Silbaugh LemonadeMakers Tell us about you and your business! LemonadeMakers is being launched in the next couple of months and is a web platform that non-profits join. The platform is being designed to present each non-profit with a webpage in which they talk about their non-profit. The will be … Read More

Monday Makers: Anne Sorensen and Wendy Irwin

Anne Sorensen & Wendy Irwin Yellow Tractor Tell us about you and your business! Yellow Tractor is a social enterprise and market leader creatively addressing our clients’ employee wellness, engagement, retention and ultimately health care costs. We reach people where they spend most of their lives, in the workplace. Yellow Tractor … Read More

Monday Makers: Caitlyn Mulherin

Caitlyn Mulherin Expanding Your Horizons Tell us about you and your business! I am a graduate student in bioorganic chemistry at UIC who wants to dedicate her career to changing the gender landscape of the research field. I am inspired by the amazing outreach movement right now among the math, … Read More

12 Days of #StartupMs | DAY 1: Yellow Tractor

On the first day of #StartupMs., Yellow Tractor made for a gift-ee: A Raised Garden Bed for a Pear Tree! Ok. Ok. So you maybe Wendy Irwin didn’t start Yellow Tractor so people could grow pear trees, but she did start it because she felt it was the first step toward a healthier … Read More