What To Do When You’ve Hit Twitter’s Follow Limit

“You are unable to follow more people at this time.”

Wah-wah. If you’ve received that message from Twitter when you tried to follow someone, you probably reached your Twitter follow limit.


In an effort to fight spamming, Twitter has imposed a system wide account follow limit of 2,000 and a daily follow limit of 1,000. Once you’ve followed 2,000 users, Twitter limits the number of additional users you can follow, and that number differs for every account based on an unpublished ratio of followers to following.


What are your options if you’ve reached your Twitter follow limit?

  1. Unfollow some users – but be careful, as a massive unfollowing in a short time period is one of the factors Twitter takes into account when determining what is spam and can result in account suspension.
  2. Utilize lists. Twitter lists help organize the users you are following (or not yet following) in preferred groupings that can be sorted on hashtags, specific topics, geographic location and more. Adding a user to a list will garner a notification to their account, so this can be a great way to acknowledge someone who has followed you when you can’t follow back. Create a Twitter list by going to your profile page and clicking “lists.” Hootsuite calls Twitter lists “the new follow” and has a very click, drag and drop friendly platform to help you organize your Twitter feeds. Bonus – Ms. Tech is an official Hootsuite Solution Partner, which means Ms. Tech First Class Members receive 20% off a 6 month Hootsuite Pro membership!


If you decide to go the unfollow route, going through every account you’ve followed to check if they’ve followed you back or tweeted interesting content recently can be incredibly time consuming. Basic membership on Wefollow, Manage Flitter and Tweepi are free and can help save time in distinguishing which users you’d like to stay following. Tweetdeck is another helpful (and free) platform from Twitter, from which you can schedule tweets, monitor multiple accounts, check trending topics…and create lists!


Twitter does not limit how many users can follow you, but it does monitor how aggressively users follow other users. One of the mistakes people make when first signing up for Twitter, including (ahem) yours truly, is following a bunch of users like celebrities and news organizations that will not follow back, which can result in temporary account suspension. Seasoned Twitter users know to follow the full list of Twitter rules, which can be found here.


Nora Brathol is a (proud) First Class Ms. Tech member and the Founder of Arka Pana Consulting. She believes strongly in the power of social media for social good and works with nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to optimize their social media presence. Follow her on Twitter @NoraNoH8.


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