Who we are

We are a group of tech women in business and business women in tech. October 2010, we began as a private, invitation only facebook group with eight women, and the intention on offering a different space - one that encouraged others to speak up and help other women rather than stand by and solely promote our own work. By answering and helping others in a forum, we showcase our skills, expertise and all while helping another woman overcome a hurdle in her way.

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What We Do

We create experiences that inspire and accelerate both online and offline conversations, improving the representation and ultimately the success of women in business and technology.  When our community invests in each other it allows us to propel the movement toward our mission further and faster.  Strengthening our foundation, we continue to gain important feedback and critical insights so we can continue to develop the best-in-class programs designed specifically for women and package that up for organizations like 1871's {WiSTEM} program where we customized a 12-week program and curriculum around set parameters.  And finally, our annual summit called Fear Paradox where we help facilitate the next level of risk taking -- through inviting executives, founders, artists and technologists to reach for the edges of fear and taking calculated risks.

Why We Do It

Less than 3% of venture capital funding goes to startups led by women* - this was the flame that started our fire and it's on our agenda to change these numbers.  Through membership dollars, we are enabled to pursue research, capture data, and on a journey to validate or invalidate assumptions around bias, education and create awareness.  
*[2014 Babson College Study]

We are on a journey to find out:
  • How many women are pitching VC's?
  • How many women need startup capital?
  • How much are they asking for? 


No matter who you are
you are one of us

Shawna Burkhart

"Ms.Tech is awesome. It genuinely connects members to real resources, information and people that can move things forward."
Shawna Burkhart

Deb Arora

"Ms.Tech is unlike anything I've experienced ,even in my past life in Silicon Valley."
Deb Arora

Linda Dao

"I'm honored to be a part of Ms.Tech! A community of thought leaders in the tech space, Ms.Tech events allow us an opportunity to share ideas and innovative solutions"
Linda Dao